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B-rad's Bistro & Catering is one of the Capital Region's renowned catering companies for its unparalleled versatility. Now, we're adding another venture to our portfolio....


Beginning in the Spring of 2021, B-rad's will be taking its talents to the Shaker Ridge Country Club. The creativity of B-rad's paired with the elegance of the Shaker Ridge Country Club will guarantee a partnership worth investing in.


The venue can be used for weddings, birthday parties, corporate meetings, and more!

To book events email
or call (518) 869-0246

For events at Shaker Ridge we are vigilant in following the NYS Mandated guidelines and procedures surrounding COVID-19.

When you book your date, we will review the COVID-19 guidelines with you to ensure that your event is compatible.

Delivering a memorable experience is our vision but your safety during that experience is our highest priority.


We hope you choose us to make your next gathering grandiosely delicious!

Contact Us

Thanks for your interest in Shaker Ridge Country Club! We'll be in touch soon to plan your perfect event!

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